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We shepherd our community and minority businesses to success.


Who We Are

Black Lamb Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) community-based service organization located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is the mission of Black Lamb Development Corporation (BLDC) to improve the quality of life in our communities by providing programs and services that promote empowerment, education, economic development and affordable housing. BLDC is situated in the heart of the community we serve. 

Our Partners

City of GSO
United Way
Silver Transparency Candid 2022
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce


What We Do 

Our vision is to foster equitable access to quality neighborhoods and lifestyles. The Black Lamb Development Corporation (BLDC) transforms under-resourced communities into vibrant, desirable, engaged neighborhoods by improving access to health, education, employment, technology, economic development and affordable housing.



Where We Work

Our initial target is Southeast Greensboro and includes some of the greatest concentrations of poverty in  Guilford County. Our mission and vision will be implemented through the following long-term activities:


Renovation & Rehabilitation

By acquiring
abandoned, vacant, blighted and or foreclosed homes in low-to-moderate income communities to
rehabilitate and spur revitalization efforts in the (Southeast Greensboro) area. Rehabilitated
homes are repaired to and/or like-new status using current construction practices.

BLDC Renovation


New Single-Family Homes

BLDC builds affordable housing with benefits that extend beyond the walls of a home to the community at large. It boosts spending and employment in the surrounding communities also, bringing revenue into the local economy and reducing the likelihood of foreclosure.

BLDC New Family Home



Vocational Skills & Education

BLDC has an extensive workforce development program with a series of training courses in construction, organizational abstract
on painting and estimating expanding into post construction clean-up as well as computer
technology and cabling installation. 

BLDC Workforce


Health & Human Service Initiatives

BLDC knows that it's essential for the community to have access to quality health and human services. It is the foundation of the community and vital to a robust quality of life and sense of well-being.

BLDC Health Services


Equal Access to Technology & Innovation

Our overarching vision is to provide equal access to technology to an underserved population, with activities that include coding camps for the youth, internet safety and privacy protection for parents and social media marketing/branding just to name a few.

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Apply Now! COVID-19 Technical Assistance Grant

Black Lamb Development Corporation (BLDC) Small Business Recovery
Program (SBRP) was created to stabilize small and minority-owned
businesses in Guilford County. The resources provided through the SBRP
were built with the challenges small businesses face on a day-to-day
basis in mind.

As local businesses adjust and or re-open their doors, great
consideration has been given to what effective technical assistance
looks like in a (semi) post Covid-19 market place. Resources include
business and strategic planning assistance, one-on-one
counseling/mentoring, assistance with website development, and marketing
with an emphasis on internet sales and social media.


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